AUDITIONS: Our Few and Evil Days

Directed by Lyn Wainwright, and writted by Mark O’Rowe, this production will take place in the Petit théâtre Mercelis from 5-9 November 2019.

The play is set in Dublin in what appears to be a modern-day, middle-class home.

It is a traditional dialogue play where the five characters speak to each other in the realistic style of normal conversation including pauses, interruptions and repetitions.

The play centres around a family; Michael the father, Margaret the mother and their daughter Adele.  All the characters in this play are complex. They all reveal secrets that make the audience constantly reassess both who they are and how they all relate to one another

Michael speaks with an Irish accent, preferably, but not necessarily, Dublin.

He has to appear old enough to be the father of a thirty- year old daughter and shares a seemingly loving relationship with his wife.

He is the breadwinner but not well educated and needs to command a physical presence which suggests a possible violent nature.  He has a scar on his face.

Margaret is the centre of the family and also the centre of the play.

She has to look old enough to have a thirty-year old daughter.

There is a sadness about her that becomes more understandable as secrets are  revealed during the play.

She is more cultivated than Michael but is happy to play the role of homemaker.

Adele is in her thirties.

She is young and forthright and used to having her own way.

She is fiercely protective of her abused friend Belinda which may stem from the fact that she is frightened by her own father’s aggressive nature.

Dennis is an electrician who has gone back to college and now works in a bar to make ends meet.

There is something awkward about him.

He is probably Irish and in his thirties but could be from somewhere else and even a little older.

Gary appears to be manipulative and abusive.

It becomes apparent that deep down he is very insecure.

He does not have to be Irish and should be at least thirty or even a little older.

It is not necessary to prepare any piece in advance of the audition. 

Sunday, May 5th
15h in the Warehouse Theatre

Tuesday, May 7th
20h in the Warehouse Theatre

Thursday, May 9th
20h in the Warehouse Theatre