Come Home, James Gurr

Come Home, James Gurr

A new play written and directed by Patrick Maher for the ITG

It is an emotional new play focusing on an Irish boy soldier’s experience of World War I and the boy’s mother’s attempts to bring her son home from a war he should not have been in.

We relate to the deep friendship of cousins James and Michael, as war changes them, too soon, from innocent, adventurous boys to disillusioned men. We understand the deep void the boy’s absence leaves in the parent’s relationship. We sympathise with the humanity caught in the trap of war.

Originally from Kilkenny, writer and director, Patrick Maher, has worked for many years as a scriptwriter, most notably for Irish television’s drama serial “Fair City”. He has also written and directed a number of short films. In 2013, he co-produced the ITG’s production of “The Importance of Being Earnest” that played at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.

The play was staged at The Warehouse Studio, Brussels, from 25-29 March 25, 2014