‘A Night in November’

An ITG Award-winning Production

A dozen very varied characters were powerfully and dramtically brought to life in this one-man show by four-time FEATS Best Actor award winner, Caraigh McGregor. From the irritable, cantankerous, bile-filled and bitter, to the inner-child, and finally the suddenly liberated and self-enlightened – this dramatic tour de force delivers even more than it promises.

Caraigh and Csaba with their FEATS awardsWriter Marie Jones is certainly well-known for using humour – much of it, admittedly,  on the dark side – to perceptively explore serious ideas. From laughter to tears and right back again, Kenneth Norman McCallister takes us on his gripping journey of personal discovery. Firmly set in the Troubles-inflicted Belfast, this play revisits the build-up to the 1994 FIFA World Cup.

This must-see production is certainly as relevant “here and now” as it was “there and then”…a slow and oft-troubled journey from prejudice and hatred to tolerance and mutual respect – a journey still applicable to today’s modern world with all its challenges  and predicaments.After its incredible success at the FEATS amateur dramatics festival this year, Caraigh McGregor and Csaba Bartos jumped at the chance of showing this wonderful production to the Brussels community.

It was staged in De Lijsterbes in Kraainem on Wednesday 12 + Thursday 13  +
Friday 14 November 2015

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