Open Day at The Warehouse

Theatre Open Day 2014

Theatre Open Day 2014



2.00 pm to 8.00 pm

The Warehouse Studio Theatre & Rehearsal Rooms,
Rue Waelhem 69a/73, 1030 Brussels

On Sunday 14 September we will launch the new season with another Theatre Open Day at the Warehouse, from 2.00pm to 8.00 pm.  Performances – of 20-30 minutes  each – start at 3.00 pm.   Last year’s event proved very popular, and we are hoping this year it will be even better.

Actor and Director Caraigh and Casaba from A Night in November will be giving a short class called “From Page to Stage!”. If you’re interested in how this multi-talented duo interpret each line of play and make it something magical, then this is something not to be missed!

The Open Day itself has proven to a hit amongst those who have taken part in theatre in Brussels, be it from collecting tickets on the door of a performance to getting down and dirty with building sets and rigging lights. The Open Day aims to also welcome in new interested people. Have an idea for a play? Want to learn more about make-up or set design? Then come along to the Warehouse this Sunday and visit the general information stand. Other highlights of the day include:

  • Free performances from the ATC, BSS, ECC, ETC and ITG.
  • Presentations on theatre skills – including make up, sound and lights.
  • Visits to the workshop and costume and props store.