November 3 – November 7th 2015
Warehouse Theatre

Owen McCafferty is Northern Ireland’s leading playwright and in his hands this quiet story of our times becomes a riveting piece of theatre.

Lyn Wainwright, director of this production, saw the Abbey Theatre’s production at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2013 (where it won a coveted Fringe First for new writing from the Scotsman) and has recently obtained the performance rights.

After winning almost universal plaudits from succeeding tours in Ireland and in the UK we will have the opportunity to see her direction of Quietly at the Warehouse Studio theatre from 3 to 7 November.

The dramatic story is about what happened in a mean-street bar in Belfast in 1974, but the back-story is the seemingly eternal fudging of the issues of truth and reconciliation that are universal and have resonances from the Good Friday agreement and South Africa in the 1990s to Iraq/Syria and Israel/Palestine today. “There’s more to the truth than facts” Ian.

Quietly is tightly concentrated: seventy-five minutes, three characters, one act. The discussion ranges across time and memory as the two protagonists, Jimmy and Ian tell their life stories.

But this is not the beginning of a beautiful friendship, more the reaching of a plateau of understanding. After which they return to their lives.

As everyone knows the Irish need to talk. All the action takes place in the bar manned by the third man, Robert, as he says “Everyone shouts here…its the national sport”. Robert’s Polish identity provides him with observer status, also allowing us insights from the outside.