The Importance of Being Earnest (2013)

earnest 2


21 – 25 May 2013

Directed by Andrew McIlroy

Everyone knows (or thinks they know) Oscar Wilde’s“The Importance of Being Earnest”. Some of the lines and situations are amongst the most well known in the theatre world – Lady Bracknell, Algernon, the Honourable Gwendolen Fairfax have become over time reference figures for artifice, style and snobbery. The play is a glittering social comedy – but it is much more; it is filled with anger, deception and a biting criticism of morals and attitudes. It’s this – this darker underbelly of a much loved classic – that this ITG production sought to explore. It was fun, noisy and energetic – there were kicks and surprises and deceptions galore. Rambunctious and alternative, Wilde would hopefully have approved.

We hope you enjoyed the show!