“Woman and Scarecrow”

The ITG is delighted to bring this recent (2006) work by Marina Carr to audiences in Brussels in February 2018. Before that however, we need a cast…

At a critical time in her life, a sick mother reviews her life decisions and her lost potential. Did it have to be like this?

Jody Quirke, the director of this production, has now cast the play – stay tuned for updates

Characters (age of characters is provided below, but actors are not expected to be [or look] those ages):

  • Woman- 50s or early 60s
  • Man (Her Husband)- 50s or early 60s
  • Scarecrow – either gender – 50s or early 60s
  • Woman (Aunt) – 70s or early 80s

Drop us a line (itg.asbl@gmail.com) if you would like to get involved or help out backstage